CureNow:PD Privacy Policy

CureNow:PD exists to be a positive agent of change in PD research.  We focus on bringing full enrollment and participation to studies and clinical trials using a local network of Parkinson’s ambassadors to make that happen. This privacy policy outlines our online information practices, what data we collect, and how that data is used. As an organization advocating for individuals with PD, all information collected is done so with the purpose of connecting individuals with further resources in the fight against this disease. CureNow:PD reserves the right to update this policy in accordance with privacy regulations.

Data Collection – What and How

CureNow:PD collects personal information including name, email address, and phone number submitted through CureNow:PD website.
CureNow:PD also collects transactional data such as personal and credit card information, through secure donations submitted on our website, to acknowledge donation receipt for tax purposes. 

Data Use

CNPD may use personal or transactional data to:

  • Connect you with licensed Parkinson’s Clinical Trials, Studies, and/or Foundations (such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation)
  • Provide you with relevant information about Parkinson’s-related programs and services
  • Carry out a request or transaction you have initiated
  • Analyze trends in user behavior
  • Provide opportunities for further engagement 
  • Improve the technical performance and personalized experience of our website
  • For any other purposes with your consent

CureNow:PD does not sell or rent your information to others.
Your information may also be disclosed to comply with a court order, law or legal process.

Data Security

CureNow:PD securely stores your data in a secure web-based CRM portal internal to the organization.

Contact Us

If you have specific questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like access to the personal information you have provided to CureNow:PD, please contact us at or at the following address:

102 Pitkin Street
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 918-9594