We're People With PD - Ready for a Cure: Now

In addition to Yale University in New Haven, CT, Cure Now: PD is working with MIT in Cambridge, MA on a Parkinson’s research initiative that is unique, that differs from existing approaches, that potentially fills a gap in existing research – an “unmet need”  – using nanotechnology and MIT-specific tools and approaches that are found nowhere else.

Cure Now was started by Michelle Hespeler and Steve DeWitte, nationally recognized Parkinson’s advocates, who were both diagnosed with early-onset PD, and quickly became frustrated with the pace of change in PD research.


The Mission of Cure Now: PD
To find disease-modifying treatments for Parkinson’s by funding cutting-edge research, and establishing collaborative relationships, with leading research institutions, foundations, and labs that can lead to breakthroughs via transparent sharing of ideas, methods and processes, with a high degree of urgency, while incorporating the patient voice throughout.




If you or someone you know has PD, you may be frustrated with the pace of research.  We believe existing research deserves our support, BUT WE ALSO BELIEVE FUNDING OUT OF THE BOX RESEARCH IS IMPERATIVE.  The Parkinson’s Research Initiative at MIT is just that.

Learn how to get involved and make a monumental impact.

Join our community of passionate supporters who are committed to helping patients gain rapid access to better treatments – and having a voice in the urgency and focus of research for disease modifying treatments.  We are Cure Now: PD – and need your support.