PPMI is recruiting people with and without Parkinson’s disease.
(PPMI is sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation and funded by the Foundation in partnership with more than 30 biotech and pharmaceutical, non-profit and private funders.)

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Clinical Trials - 101

Clinical trials are an absolutely crucial step towards developing better treatments for Parkinson’s patients.

Under-enrollment is a major problem: 85% of trials face delays and 30% never even get off the ground because of a lack of volunteers! Often, great research is stopped in its tracks.

The U.S. FDA, and its related agencies abroad, requires that a potential therapy be tested extensively in a large group of human volunteers before it can receive approval to be manufactured and made available to patients.

Parkinson’s related clinical trials assess the safety and effectiveness of new ways to diagnose, prevent, or treat PD, and they also provide insight about the disease process, and how it might be treated. Clinical trials are an absolute necessity as we strive to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

YOU can make a difference! Your participation could be the difference between research moving forward, or not.

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