100% of donations – after expenses that never exceed 12% –  support Cure Now: PD’s funding of the MIT Parkinson’s Disease Research Initiative.

The sole focus of Cure Now: PD is to fund research that will lead to transformative outcomes for PWP’s.  Our finances are an open book and we welcome questions of any kind.  We treat every donation like it was our own: not a penny wasted; clear, simple financials; all processes are open to review, with an all volunteer leadership team.

Cure Now: PD exists because of the frustration with the existing pace of research, and the desire to fund “out of the box” intiatives like this one from MIT.  Our goal is to strengthen collaboration among researchers, accelerate the pace of PD research, and clear the way for high-impact breakthroughs.  Cure Now: PD exists to find a Cure – and to put the patient voice at the center of the effort.